New! MastMate Magic TC

The new MastMate Magic TC (Patent appl for) allows a single person to raise and lower the mast on their own simply, safely and quickly. MastMate Magic TC is a complete system and allows the user once arriving at the rigging point to get on the boat and step the mast, raise the mast and rig the boat for launching without having to get off the boat until everything is in place for launching. The system can be stowed on board or removed off the boat, raising the mast whilst on the water is no problem. Constructed of stainless steel. aluminium and using a bearinged wheel trolley car the product is light and strong.

MastMate Air
New! MastMate Magic TC

New MastMate SC

New MastMate SC

$189.00 (up to 35kg mast and rigging) plus $21.40 freight (Australia Wide) 

$200.00 (up to 45kg mast and rigging) plus freight $23.40 (Australia Wide)

International customers please contact us.


These are Baby stays that can be used to stabilise the mast prior to raising.

MastMate TP Plate

The MastMate TP Plate allows you to make a bi-pole mast raising device, all you have to provide is the two poles and the pivoting arrangement on the coaming.

The plate is supplied with two polyurethane bearinged wheels a strap to hold a sail slug ( not supplied ), and a spacer for the wheels.

Price: $89.00 excluding P & P





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