Mast Raising Made Easy

Instructions on how to use Mastmate

By using MastMate connectivity between the mast and the winch can be affected within the space of 15 seconds.

MastMate is tensioned using the trailer winch or deck winch until such time as the mast attains a negative mass.

This is the point at which the tensioning of the MastMate should stop as the mast can now be easily lifted from it's support.

The mast can now be lifted to the vertical in one continuous motion.

Once you have raised the mast into position you are then free to walk forward and tie it off at the bow.

For lowering, after untying the rope and using BabyMates , you may walk to the upright mast and lower it to its support.

In fact by lowering the mast to the point that the MastMate has taken up the weight, you can let go of the mast and go to the stern and pull the mast down with one of the halyards. The MastMate progressively takes up the weight.

The new MastMate SC has all the properties of the original MastMate but at a lower price

These instructions can be viewed in action via our video.

The new MastMate Magic TC is a completely different way of raising masts, it incorporates a crutch for supporting the mast whilst travelling and allows the mast to be rolled back prior to stepping and then it is the means by which the mast is raised to the upright.

Lowering, supporting and subsequent un-stepping of the mast is also accomplished all with the same product.